Selected Notes from New England Captives Carried to Canada (1677 to 1760) During the French and Indian Wars (Vol. 1), Emma L. Coleman, 1925

The names of two "Vanvolcombury" family members are noted in Vol. 1, and the footnote reference "Arch. 77" was not found in this volume.  Perhaps all footnotes are included in Vol. 2.  Excerpts here copied from the original book at the Toronto Reference Library.  Their collection did not include Vol. 2.  The 1897 Baker book "True Stories of New England Captives..." was also consulted at the library (and is available online) but does not further explain the raids near Sheffield - it concentrates mainly on captives taken in the earlier Deerfield, MA raids.  This book contains references that were extraneous to the Baker book.

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Posted 10 July 2012 by L. Rance as basis for research on the VanValkenburgh and Vollick families in Canada.