VanValkenburghs who were Quakers in the Bay of Quinte area (Adolphustown / West Lake Meetings)

The Quaker Archives & Library of Canada in Newmarket, Ontario holds the Minute Books of the Monthly and Preparative Meetings for the Bay of Quinte area Quaker / Religious Society of Friends original mission district known as West Lake in the 1798-1850 period.  Several VanValkenburgh and related families have been identified in the transcriptions available online.  The Archives provides a site-wide genealogical search utility.  Alternately, researchers may browse the transcribed minute-books.  

See the chart, below, for a chronological view taken from eleven register books where VV / related families have been found.  Some items are "repeats" - as in the case of referrals between two Meetings, or concurrences between the Women's group (pink background) and the Men's (blue).  Each item links directly to the specific place in a transcript (prepared by Archives' volunteers who are named within).

The six Meetings mentioned in the Minutes and Register books are: Adolphustown (original central administration for this area), West Lake (replaced Adolphustown as central admin), Ameliasburgh, Camden, Haldimand, and Cold Creek.  The best resource for understanding the history and customs of the West Lake district Society of Friends, is the 1927 book A History of the Society of Friends (Quakers) in Canada, by Arthur Garratt Dorland Ph.D (publisher MacMillan).  In the paragraphs below, a link marked goes to Ancestry.com's e-book version, and is viewable only if signed into an Ancestry account.


ADOLPHUSTOWN | map       = Dorland book at Ancestry.com
Adolphustown established 1798

The demise of the Old Quaker Meeting House by 1871

South Fredricksburg Heritage: Quaker Monument

WEST LAKE (Bloomfield)
Describes both original meeting houses in Picton Co.

West Lake 1803 log Meeting House | map
The first Friends Meetinghouse at Bowerman's Hill Con 1 Lot 17-18 Hallowell Twp.

West Lake 1817 | map of where MH stood on N side of Rd.
The main administrative Monthly Meeting House in Bloomfield. Retained by Orthodox Friends after 1828 separation.

Cemetery on the South side of the road | map
Enter by a driveway between 171 and 173 Main St., Bloomfield

West Lake Hicksite 1834 | map
Established as a result of the 1828 Separation, met in a school house

Described as the "White House" across from "red brick school" Con 1 Lot 2 Hallowell

One Minute book in the transcripts is of the Hicksites (1825-1851) - indicated below with purple background.

CAMDEN (Moscow)

Not mentioned specifically in the Dorland book, although mapped.
This Quaker Roots article by S. Powers states the land for the Meeting House was donated by the Cronk family.

The Friends Meeting House is shown on the 1860 Walling Atlas at village of Moscow, Camden Township (see map). The Friends Cemetery is south of the town of Moscow on the west side of the road, across from the Methodist Cemetery.  On the map, it is simply marked "cemetery".  
Sophia Merrill-VV is buried at the Moscow Friends Cemetery.  On the map at the crossroads of Moscow, also see the lot on the SW corner owned by Paul VV, her husband.

AMELIASBURGH (Wellington, Hillier) 
Ameliasburgh Twp. on the map above is the north-west part of Prince Edward County (where the map says "Prince Edward").  The Ameliasburgh Meeting moved to the south shore of Hillier Twp. at Wellington and became known as the Hillier or Wellington Meeting.
In 1814 meeting in homes of Benjamin Garratt and Jonathan Clarke... but where in Ameliasburgh?  In 1817 it was organized as a Preparative Meeting

By 1840's, located in Hillier Twp., specifically on the north shore at Hubbs settlement just west of Wellington.  The Meeting House built 1885 in Wellington is now the Wellington Heritage Museum | map


Had been meeting in the home of Freeman Clarke "near Grafton", thereafter established a Preparative Meeting in 1827.

Membership dwindled after 1840 when leader Freeman Clarke departed, and merged to Cold Creek by 1843.

COLD CREEK (Murray, Wooler) | map 

Just west of Murray Twp., in Brighton Twp., Northumberland Co.
Membership established about 1820, reestablished in 1843, and formalized a Preparative Meeting by 1846
- "a Meeting for worship and a Preparative Meeting at or near John Richmond's, to be called Cold Creek Preparative Meeting".

A Meeting House built in 1857.
The current meeting house on site built 1896
, used to this day.

John Richmond and other families intermarried with VV's interred here at Wooler Friends Cemetery (see 1878 atlas on cemetery page).  Thanks to Wayne VanVolkenburg for photos and report!

At time of Dorland's 1927 book, "Wooler" was the only remaining Meeting in operation of the West Lake district.


About Locations... West Lake was the Yearly Meeting (main administration of the "parish") so if an event was recorded at West Lake, it does not necessarily mean the event took place at West Lake (Bloomfield) or that the individuals resided there.  Likewise, in the initial year after the religious divide known as the Separation of 1828, individuals who had broken with the Orthodox church may have re-aligned with Preparative Meetings of like-minded Friends, but may not have physically moved to those areas.

About the Separation of 1828... the religious rift which took place in New York state in Aug 1828, dividing followers of Elias Hicks (Hicksite) and Orthodox, affected Ontario Quakers in the following year.  Only one book of minutes, below with purple background, belongs to a Hicksite branch.  It seems the Outwaters remained with the Orthodox denomination. 

About Unique Traditions... the quarterly minute books consistently report on how the group has performed in answer to the "Advices or Queries" (the rules of the Order) i.e. plainness of language and dress, refusal to commit by oaths, maintaining a pacifist demeanor, and marrying within Order.  Any corrective action seems to have been done in a spirit of "love and unity...as becomes bretheren/sisters, no differences known amongst us, tale-bearing and detraction avoided and discouraged".  Therefore the minutes do not go into great detail, nor, does it seem, were Letters of Acknowledgement (penitence) retained.  Note the absence of oaths when Quakers signed civil documents - i.e. Paul VanValkenburg's 1842 petition to Crown Lands Department where the word "sworn" is scratched out and replaced with "affirmed" (the same in the case of all his siblings).  Some known Quakers appeared on militia muster lists for the War of 1812, despite their pacifist stances.

About "new" VanValkenburghs introduced through these records... The Hannah VV-Charles Wright line, residing in Tyendinaga is a new discovery.  Hannah had parents George VV and Rebecca; who are they? Also in these records is a Joel / Enoch VV who is unaccounted for.

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Dorland's account of the 1828 Separation as it played out in West Lake district

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(source documents S1. to S11. footnoted)

01-1809 Daniel Outwater desires to be admitted to Adolphustown. p. 109  S1.
02-1809 Daniel Outwater accepted. p. 210  S1.
03-1809  Daniel Outwater "Junior" informed of acceptance. p. 210  S1.
06-1815 Rebecca Vanwalkingburgh desires to be admitted. p. 65  S3.
07-1815 West Lake meeting forwards a request to Adolphustown: Elisabeth Outwaters desires to be admitted. p. 69  S3.
08-1815 Elizabeth Outwater desires to be admitted. p. 88  S2.
09-1815 Elisabeth Outwaters accepted to Adolphustown p. 70  S3.
10-1815 Elisabeth Outwaters informed of acceptance to Adolphustown p. 71  S3.
10-1815 Rebecca VV's request put over month by month, now accepted but suddenly named Elisabeth Vangkinburgh?? (same date and minutes as Elisabeth Outwaters so maybe this a 'typo' as Eliz Outwaters' maiden name was VV) p. 71  S3.
11-1815 Rebecca Vanolcanburgh informed of acceptance. p. 71  S3.
11-1816 West Lake meeting forwards a request to Adolphustown: Barnet Outwaters and wife desire admittance for children Bilatte and Elanor. p. 80  S3.
01-1817 Baronat Outwaters family accepted for Adolphustown. p. 81  S3.
01-1818 Baronet and Elisabeth Outwaters desire admittance  for their two children Bellyatter and Elenor. p. 103  S2.
12-1827 Martha Van Valtenburg formerly Richmond, reported for having married out of order (Hicksite) p. 49  S8.
01-1828 Martha Vanvalkenurgh doubted to be sincere (Hicksite). p. 52  S8.
04-1828 Martha Vanvaltingburgh Disowne (Hicksite) p. 56  S8.
08-1830 Haldimand Preparative Meeting: Disposals: Adults and Minors who remain members at the time of the separation in 08-1830: VanVeattenburgh Joel (Enoch) 1836 [but his name struck off.  See the 1836 date below, where the same is recorded, but under West Lake Meeting, not Haldimand] p. 37  S11.
10-1830 Barnet Outwater and others Disowned for having attached themselves to a NY-based society that separated from their Meeting in 1828. Permits them to appeal.  p. 176  S7.
03-1831 Alexander VanValkenburgh requests to be admitted to West Lake meeting [the date is transcribed 1839 but, in page sequence, should be 1831?) p. 47  S10.
05-1832 Alexander Vanvolcanburgh accepted. p. 88 S10.
1827-1833 Members of Ameliasburgh Preparative Meeting: Bernard Outwater... Removed to Cold Creek [at this time all their minor children transferred including the youngest Juliana so this is post-1827] p. 31  S11.
1827-1833 Members of Ameliasburgh Preparative Meeting: Elizabeth Outwater... Removed to Cold Creek [at this time all their minor children transferred including the youngest Juliana so this is post-1827] p. 32  S11.
1827-1833 Ameliasburgh Preparative Meeting: Disposals: the minor children of Barend and Elisabeth Outwater transferred from Ameliasburgh to Cold Creek Meeting: Belyatte, Eleanor, Phebe (twin), Peter (twin), Hannah, Thomas, Juliana. [Youngest child Juliana was b. 1827 so this is post-1827] p. 33  S11.
11-1833 Elizabeth Outwaters appointed an overseer for Cold Creek. (This note in the Orthodox minutes) p. 99  S9.
1836 West Lake Preparative Meeting: Disposals: Minors & Others who remain with and are the ?? Children of Friends: Jael Van Vauttenburg by request 1836 p. 39  S11.
12-1837 List of members of the Cold Creek Meeting request permission to be able to hold their own meetings on "first days and weekdays" (Sundays and weekdays) due to their "remote location" from West Lake. Members signing petition include Bernard, Elizabeth, Pheobe, Lewis B. Outwaters. p. 193  S10.
05-1838 West Lake meeting reports Alexander Van Valkenburgh "for allowing reports to be circulated about him which is a scandal to society" p. 199  S10.
07-1838 Haldimand Preparative Meeting: Disposals: Phebe Outwater, res. Murray, deceased 30 Jul 1838 p. 54  S11.
10-1838 Alexander Vanvalkenburg Disowned. p. 209  S10.
12-1838 Haldimand Preparative Meeting: Disposals: Vanvaultinburg Alexr, Camden, Disowned Dec 1838 p. 59  S11.
05-1839 Haldimand meeting forwards request of marriage of Benjamin Terrill and Hannah J. Outwater. p. 175  S9.
05-1839 Haldimand meeting forwards request of marriage of Hannah Outwaters and Benjamin Terrill. p. 223  S10.
06-1839 Hannah Outwaters and Benjamin Terrill granted permission to marry. p. 225  S10.
07-1839 Benjamin Terrill and Hannah J. Outwater have married in Order. p. 178  S9.
07-1839 Benjamin Terrill and Hannah Outwater have married in Order. p. 227  S10.
11-1839 Marriage request for Simon L. Terrill and Phebe Outwater. p. 185  S9.
11-1839 Haldimand meeting forwards request of marriage of Phebe Outwaters and Simon L. Terrill. p. 234  S10.
12-1839 Phebe Outwaters and Simon L. Terrill granted permission to marry. p. 235  S10.
01-1840 Simon L. Terrill and Phebe Outwater have married in Order. p 187  S9.
01-1840 Phebe Outwaters and Simon L. Terrill have married in Order. p. 237  S10.
08-1840 Paul VV appointed overseer. p. 249  S10.
04-1841 Hannah Vanvaltenburg requested to be admitted and was accepted (Hicksite). p. 189  S8.
04-1842 Charles Wright and Hannah Vanvalkenburgh reported married in Order (Hicksite). p. 205  S8.
06-1842 Lucetta Vanhultenburg desires to be admitted p. 225  S4.
07-1842 Lucetta Vanhaultenburgh requests to be admitted p. 225  S9.
08-1842 Alexander Vanvolkinburgh submits an acknowledgement to West Lake and seeks re-acceptance. p. 284  S10.
10-1842 Alexander Vanvolkinburgh re-accepted. p. 287  S10.
12-1842 MARRIAGE: Hannah VV d/o George and (the late) Rebecca m. Charles Wright of Sophiasburgh s/o (the late) Thomas and Agnes, registered with West Lake Friends 21 Dec 1842 p. 14  S5.
01-1843 Lucetta Vanvaulkenburgh accepted p. 236  S4.
01-1843 Lucetta Vanvaulkenburgh accepted p. 237  S9.
03-1843 Hannah Card requests to be admitted p. 238  S9.
04-1843 Haldimand Meeting reports Lewis B. Outwaters for marrying out of Order. p. 295  S10.
08-1843 Asenath Vanvaultenburg desires to be admitted p. 249  S4.
08-1843 Lewis B. Outwater submits an acknowledgement. p. 301  S10.
08-1843 Gilbert Vanvolkinburgh desires to be admitted. p. 302  S10.
09-1843 Haldimand meeting re-accepts Lewis B. Outwater p. 303  S10.
10-1843 Gilbert Vanvolkenburgh accepted. p. 305  S10.
10-1843 Paul Vanvolkenburgh appointed elder. p. 308  S10.
08-1843 Asenath Vanvaultenburgh requests to be admitted p. 249  S9.
11-1843 Hannah Card received although found to be "measurably convinced of Friends principles" p. 252  S4.
11-1843 Asenath Vanvaultenburgh accepted p. 252  S4.
11-1843 "The Friends appointed to attend the opening of Cold Creek Preparative Meeting... are continued to that service" p. 252  S4.
11-1843 Hannah Card and Asenath Vanvaultenburgh informed of acceptance p. 254  S4.
11-1843 Hannah Card accepted p. 252  S9.
11-1843 Asenath Vanvaultenburgh accepted p. 252  S9.
11-1843 Paul Vanvaultenburgh nominated as an Elder p. 254  S4.
11-1843 Paul VV appointed elder. p. 254  S9.
07-1844 Lucetta Card "formerly Vanvaulkenburgh" reported for having married out of order p. 266  S4.
07-1844 Camden meeting reports Lucetta VV for having married out of order to a Card p. 266  S9.
08-1844 BIRTH: Rebecca Wright d/o Hannah and Charles, Sophiasburgh 12 Aug 1844 p. 7  S5.
10-1844 Lucetta Card submits letter of acknowledgement p. 270  S4.
10-1844 Lucetta Card re-accepted. p. 162  S9.
10-1844 George Card [although no request previously received for admittance] has been visited and found to be "measureably convinced of Friends principles" and is accepted. In the same paragraph Lucetta Card formerly Vanvolkinburgh was accepted by concurrence of the Women's Meeting. [It is suspected that Lucetta was the wife of George Card. She is not to be confused with Hannah Card who was mentioned as a separate individual in the Women's Meeting minutes. Note, there was a Hannah VV who married a Samuel Card in this area and same timeframe.] p. 326  S10.
11-1844 An un-named daughter of Paul Vanvolkinburgh is selected to be sent to "the Boarding School" by way of partial donation from England, and partial subscription on the part of the parents. p. 328  S10.
02-1845 Lucetta Card informed of re-acceptance p. 275  S4.
07-1845 Cold Creek meeting forwards request of marriage of Simon L. Terrill and Mary Valentine. [Phoebe d. 2 Mar 1843.]  p. 339  S10.
09-1845 Simon L. Terril and Mary Valentine have married in Order. p. 344  S10.
01-1846 Meribah Vanvaulkenburgh nominated as an overseer for Camden p. 291  S4.
01-1846 Meribah VV appointed as an overseer for Camden.  p. 291  S9.
09-1846 BIRTH: Agnes T. Wright d/o Hannah and Charles, Tyendenaqua 18 Sep 1846 p. 7  S5.
1846 Haldimand Preparative Meeting: Disposals:  Mariba Vanvaultingburg, his wife [refers to preceding line naming Paul VV], Camden, Deceased 1846 p. 59  S11.
04-1847 Cold Creek meeting reports Juliann Terril formerly Outwater for having married out of Order. p. 309  S9.
04-1847 Samuel Terrell reported for having married out of order. p. 363  S10.
06-1847 Julian Terril formerly Outwater Disowned. A complaint against Samuel Terril mentioned in same item. p. 366  S10.
01-1848 Julia Terril Disowned. p. 320  S9.
02-1848 Lucetta Card nominated as an overseer for Camden p. 321  S4.
02-1848 Lucetta Card appointed as an overseer for Camden p. 320  S9.
05-1848 Samuel Terrell Disowned. p. 382  S10.
07-1848 Paul Vanvolkinburgh reported "for having so far deviated from the good order of our society as to be guilty of a breach of promise of marriage, and marrying out of the order of our society". [This set of minutes came to an end before any decision was made]. p. 385  S10.
1848-1849 Haldimand Preparative Meeting: Disposals: Paul Vanvaultenburg, residence Camden, Disowned; Again received as member.  [This notation in the Register is un-dated but may pertain to the above event, his "marriage out of order".  The "breach of promise of marriage" may simply have been the failure to be declared "cleared to marry" his second wife Sophia after his first wife died in 1846.  Without this clearance he may have still been under a promise of marriage to Meribah. Only a guess.] p. 59  S11.
10-1848 BIRTH: Anna Wright d/o Hannah and Charles, Tyendenaga 7 Dec 1848 p. 8  S5.
02-1849 Haldimand Preparative Meeting: Disposals: Hannah Outwater, res. Murray, deceased 5 Feb 1849 wife of Simon Terril p. 54  S11.
08-1849 Sophia Vanvalkenburg desires to be admitted p. 344  S4.
10-1849 Sophia Vanvalkenburg requests to be admitted, Camden. p. 344  S9.
07-1850  Sophia Vanvaltinburgh accepted p. 356  S4.
08-1850 BIRTH: Freeman Wright s/o Hannah and Charles, Tyendinaga 8 Aug 1850 p. 8  S5.
09-1850 Sophia VV accepted. p. 358  S9.
10-1850 Sophia Vanvalkenburgh informed of acceptance  p. 359  S4.

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