A collaborative genealogy of VanValkenburgh branches in Canada
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Michigan, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Billings, Majel A.  23 Aug 1893Michigan, USA I2923 VANVALKENBURGH 
2 Facer, Eddie  1876Michigan, USA I2641 VANVALKENBURGH 
3 Facer, Emma  1873Michigan, USA I2640 VANVALKENBURGH 
4 Follick, Enos Grant  29 Sep 1926Michigan, USA I2536 VANVALKENBURGH 
5 Follick, female   I2535 VANVALKENBURGH 
6 Follick, male   I2534 VANVALKENBURGH 
7 Leflar, Cecil M.  1903Michigan, USA I3001 VANVALKENBURGH 
8 Leflar, Delilah  1897Michigan, USA I2998 VANVALKENBURGH 
9 Leflar, Hendrick  1898Michigan, USA I3000 VANVALKENBURGH 
10 Leflar, Sherman  1906Michigan, USA I3002 VANVALKENBURGH 
11 Mickel, Marilla J.  Dec 1876Michigan, USA I1849 VANVALKENBURGH 
12 Mitchel, Rita Edna  25 Sep 1891Michigan, USA I2788 VANVALKENBURGH 
13 Porter, Archie Charles  27 Oct 1910Michigan, USA I2171 VANVALKENBURGH 
14 Porter, Katherine  30 Jan 1898Michigan, USA I2167 VANVALKENBURGH 
15 Porter, LeRoy  08 Jul 1907Michigan, USA I2170 VANVALKENBURGH 
16 Porter, Nellie  04 Sep 1899Michigan, USA I2168 VANVALKENBURGH 
17 Porter, William  26 Jan 1904Michigan, USA I2169 VANVALKENBURGH 
18 Porter, Zilpha Frances  29 Jul 1897Michigan, USA I2166 VANVALKENBURGH 
19 Thompson, Timothy  1880Michigan, USA I2941 VANVALKENBURGH 
20 Unknown, Gladys  1899Michigan, USA I848 VANVALKENBURGH 
21 VanValkenburg, Betty  1925Michigan, USA I2927 VANVALKENBURGH 
22 VanValkenburg, Earl Amos  25 May 1925Michigan, USA I2921 VANVALKENBURGH 
23 VanValkenburg, Ellis  09 Aug 1913Michigan, USA I2731 VANVALKENBURGH 
24 VanValkenburg, Kathryn  1921Michigan, USA I2926 VANVALKENBURGH 
25 VanValkenburg, Leonard  1918Michigan, USA I2925 VANVALKENBURGH 
26 VanValkenburg, Llewellyn  1915Michigan, USA I2924 VANVALKENBURGH 
27 VanValkenburg, Malvern Grant  1931Michigan, USA I2922 VANVALKENBURGH 
28 VanValkenburg, Trellis  1927Michigan, USA I2928 VANVALKENBURGH 
29 VanValkenburg, William A.  09 Apr 1916Michigan, USA I2732 VANVALKENBURGH 
30 Wright, Rhoda  1872Michigan, USA I599 VANVALKENBURGH 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Billings, Majel A.  20 Jun 1932Michigan, USA I2923 VANVALKENBURGH 
2 Porter, LeRoy  1932Michigan, USA I2170 VANVALKENBURGH 
3 Van, Mary  Michigan, USA I565 VANVALKENBURGH 
4 VanNorman, Mary  11 Oct 1906Michigan, USA I386 VANVALKENBURGH 
5 VanValkenburg, Earl Amos  15 Jan 1991Michigan, USA I2921 VANVALKENBURGH 
6 VanValkenburg, Gordon  Michigan, USA I2135 VANVALKENBURGH 
7 VanValkenburg, William A.  22 Dec 1997Michigan, USA I2732 VANVALKENBURGH 
8 Vollick, Gordon  17 Jul 1954Michigan, USA I2494 VANVALKENBURGH 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bender / Vollick  11 Apr 1883Michigan, USA F676 VANVALKENBURGH 
2 Peters / VanValkenburg  1904Michigan, USA F889 VANVALKENBURGH