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"Old Falk"

A Quinte-area VV known as "Old Falk" is convicted as a horse thief in 1835. Who can identify this man / or MEN!?


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 ** UPDATE **  Contributor Andrew Quackenbush draws to our attention the following indictments of TWO VV men for larceny in this time period.  The Assizes record he refers to, is attached at bottom.  Kingston Penitentiary Archives confirms only one VV / Follick / Vollick incarcerated there, under the name David.

"Are you sure the horse thief went by David VV and also John VV?  I thought they were two separate people.  The attached screen capture from Appendix to Journal of the House of Assembly of Upper Canada, 1836 lists the expenses for indicting two men rather than just one.  David had two offences, and John had one.  The newspaper articles you have posted might well be for two separate incidents, one for David, one for John."






 The Kingston Penitentiary, then known as the "Provincial Penitentiary of the Province of Upper Canada" had opened only six months before David VV was aprehended for larceny.  From the prison's museum and archive, I commissioned the full report on this "convict" and received three transcriptions - the prisoner data file, the medical log, and David's discharge interview.


Some of the highlights:


Prisoner no. 101  "David Van Volkenburg"
Date of Sentence: October 8, 1836
District: Prince Edward
Crimes: Horse Stealing
Period of Imprisonment: 2 years
Date of Discharge: October 8, 1838

Age: 28 * I had them double-check the record because I fail to understand what part of age 28 is "old"!
Height: 5' 8"
Complexion: Sallow


Medical:  He spent all of October 1837 and some of November in the penitentiary hospital due to general weakness, tummy troubles, and what looks to have been migraine-like headaches.  The surgeon didn't seem too eager to rush David back to his labour.


See David's Discharge Interview (Word document).


The Archivist has nothing more than these notes on this inmate.


The following record suggests two separate VV men were indicted for larceny in Prince Edward in 1836-37.

Appendix to Journal of the House of Assembly of Upper Canada, 1836


Owner of originalLisa Rance
Date22 Mar 2012

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