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VanValkenburg, John Johannes

Male 1753 - Bef 1808  (< 54 years)


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Early Ontario/Quebec Land Petitions for John VV-of-Ernesttown, and potential earlier petitions for the same.

Suspected to pertain to the John VV m. PATTERSON line. Upper and Lower Canada Land Petitions, and his adult children's petitions for grants as sons and daughters of UE in the Petitions to the Crown Lands Department.

(The first section perhaps just a coincidence, see the second section for petitions of John VV m. to Hanna Patterson of Ernestown)
Is this the John VV who first petitioned for land in the Lower Canada (Quebec) area of Missisquoi Bay on Lake Champlain in 1787 as an 'associate' - a group of settlers waiting in Hoosick, NY, not as a Loyalist? Then later in 1795, he among another group of associates petitioned for more land in Lower Canada (Suffolk Twp.) and were denied.
The Quebec Eastern Townships associations (covering the Vermont-Quebec border area surrounding Lake Champlain's Mississquoi Bay) has described the common practice of petitioning for large tracts of land as large groups of Associates, and how the British government discouraged these locations, preferring to settle groups in established areas along the St. Lawrence River. 
VANVALKENBURGH-John-1787-MissisquoiBay-LOWERCanada  (Here a John VV is among a group of Associates living in Hoosick, NY applying as a group to come to Missisquoi Bay on the Canadian side of the Quebec-Vermont border.  This group led by Rev. Schwerdfeger is discussed in "Loyalism in the Hoosick Valley".
VANVOLKENBOURGH-John-1795-Suffolk-LOWERCanada  (Is this the same John VV petitioning eight years later?  If so, where has he been in the interim?)

VNVALKENBURG-John-1801-Ernesttown  (Here is an 1801 petition of a John VV in Ernest-town, asking, not for a free grant, but to be allowed to lease land there, with supporting signatures of local UELs, stating John had been loyal to the British during the Revolution, specifically serving in VanAlstine and Delancey's Corps.  He is not asking to be placed on the UEL list at this late date, but his witnesses verify that he has never been awarded free land.)
VANVOLKENBURGH-David-1840-CamdenEast  (John VV may have been eligible through his military service, to have received United Empire Loyalist designation, but missed the requirement to appear at the Quarter Sessions due to poor health - a David VV of Camden East attempted to have his father John VV's name put on the UE list in an 1840 petition.  David claims his father had died leaving the family in too dire circumstances to attend to an UEL claim at the time.  This petition adds testimony from a fellow-soldier who describes John VV's military involvement and also states that John VV was in Quebec before coming to Ernestown.) 
Having consulted only the Upper Canada Land Petitions, it was difficult to prove that the above 1840 petition of David VV in reference to a father named John VV, was, indeed this family.  However, another set of petitions was located in the Petitions to the Crown Lands Department, this time submitted on the same dates: 12 Nov 1842 and 10 Dec 1842, ("cookie cutter" petitions) five sons of John VV: David, Alexander, George, Gilbert, and Paul, and three daughters: Bersheba McConnell, Maria Simmons and Elisabeth Outwater.  Each of these petitions recognized that the father John VV had never been placed on the official UEL list, and an addendum petition of David VV, submitted later that same month, once again pleaded for John's name to be placed on the UEL list mentioning his father had been in poor health at the appropriate time to prove the UEL claim).
VANVOLKENBURGH-David-1842-27Nov-Camden (addendum pleading for his father's name to be placed on the UE list.)
(After finding the PCLD petitions for the VANVALKENBURGH brothers in 2013, I returned to the Ontario Archives in January '14 with a list of the known daughters of this line to search under their married names.  Also on my list was the married names of other 'stray' VV women in Eastern Ontario who would have been of age to be daughters of this John VV.  The list included surnames: Outwater, Wright, Garrison, Lake, Sears and all their possible spellings.  These PCLD petitions rarely dealt with Loyalist claims at this late date, so these applications stand out as unique.  It was exciting to immediately find the petitions for the known daughters Bersheba and Maria.. and even more exciting to find the same for Elisabeth Outwater married whose connection was previously unknown to be with this family!  Other siblings may have existed and petitioned but we are unaware of their married names.)

McCONNELL-Bathsheba-1843-Athol (a year later, the petitions having failed to result in land grants, Beer/athsheba presents an urgent request based on her personal situation as a widow being bullied by a squatter).
The preceding 1842 petitions are part of a collection known as "Petitions to Crown Lands Department", not the Upper Canada Land Petitions.  The PCLD documents are not online and have been researched at the Ontario Archives, whereas the UCLP images are available online.  A description of how to search for these petitions here.
One other land petition associated with this family, and found in the UCLP:
VANVOLCONBERG-JaneWilliams-1817-Ernestown  (A David VV's wife Jane Williams petitioned for land as daughter of an U.E.L. in 1817 from Ernestown.)

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