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OLRI: Ontario Land Records Index

These are indexes by surname to all first-issue Crown Land parcels for which permission to settle was granted in Ontario, for various reasons. The records do not confirm these locations were actually patented.

Indexed by surname or by townships, the ONTARIO LAND RECORDS INDEX microfiche (flat film not on reels) are available across Ontario at larger public libraries and archives, and of course at the Archives of Ontario in North York. 

The indexes are arranged in two collections: by Township, or by Surname.

Six pages show all the potential spellings of VV / Van / Follick / Vollick that were found in the Index by Surname.  OLRI indexes have 60 VV/Vollick names, sometimes misspelled, within the six index pages.  Indexes for families related to VV's are linked to at the bottom.

The Ontario Land Records Index points to land granted under a variety of circumstances in various time periods, but it is important to note that these records are restricted to the first issue of land parcels from the Crown to individuals.  Only records for previously un-deeded Crown Land are represented here.

General Guide to OLRI:

Then microfilm reels can be found for each record using the Series codes and this Conversion List (an example follows) 

Consult these microfilms in person at the Ontario Archives or use their interloan services to have the reels sent to your local library or archive within Canada.

A sampling of search results are given for both VVs and Vollicks, links provided at the bottom of each OLRI image here.

Here is an example:

Specifically look at the OLRI page that starts and ends: VOINSON - VOLLAND 

See the three separate lines for Catharine, George, Matthias Vollack that share a common Archival Reference number:

Take note of the Series number, Volume and the Page.

Using the Conversion Table, determine the Microfilm Reel number, in this case: MS 693 Reel 106. 

These reels can be consulted in person at the Ontario Archives or ordered to your local library in Canada by inter-library loan (interloan).

When viewing the microfilm reel, look at the bottom of each page for the Reference tag, ensuring you are searching in the correct Volume.  The Page number is visible at the top of each page, in this case 114:

Here is the record, attached to the individuals.  The results often do not provide more details than the indexes, however, you may find your ancestors attempting to locate in previously-unknown places, and petitions on the same pages may show other family members and friends going to the same places.  The Warrant- or Description- number (i.e. 4449 above) can be researched.  More about Following up on OLRI, coming soon. 

The C-Series numbers have been replaced by new RG-Series for Crown Land Records (and sub-series which are more descriptive) and should be used for source citations.  Here is a guide:  Find the title of the record group i.e. "01 C13 (Fiats and Warrants)", then scroll UP to the nearest link to the Archives Descriptive Database.

Where to look next?  Page 3 of the Research Guide: From Grant to Patent describes a number of options for using OLRI information for further investigations.

In the process of land ownership, the individuals may have petitioned (asked to settle), been granted (received approval) and then located (performed settlement duties and patent/deed issued).  These OLRI records show only that the land grant had been approved with an intended location.  The Land Patent Index can be consulted to determine if indeed the process was completed and patents issued.  More about Land Petitions | More about Patents.

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