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Newspaper announcements concerning Sylvester D. VV - Mary Henderson family

from the Orleans Co., NY newspaper The Holley Standard, found online at Fulton History Newspaper Archive.]

News items from the Holley, NY Standard newspaper concerning the Sylvester D. VV - Mary Henderson Family

Searched this newspaper at Fulton History Newspaper Archive

Holley NY Standard 1878~~1964 and search terms

In "Local News" under headings for "Brick School House" or "Kendall":  
Those marked ***** have been attached as media images.

1893 John VV and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gray and children, start out for a visit to Canada to see their parents.

1893 visit by William Melzor VV of Whitby

1894 son born to the Grays, but Frank's father died, obit.

1894 sister Lucy VV of Brighton came to spend the winter with the Grays.

1894  mother Mrs. S. VV of Brighton Cal [Canada actually] visiting dau Mrs. Frank Gray in East Carlton.

***** 1895 Lucy VV married Charles Banker at the home of the Grays.  Same item, Mr. and Mrs. S.W. VV from Brighton, "Pa", have moved "here" and will stay with the Grays.  This is the immigration of S.D. VV of Brighton, Canada. 

1896 son of Martha VV - Frank Gray - Freeland Gray -  died at age 18 mo.

1896  Mrs. Frank Gray in Canada visiting relatives and attending the Toronto Expo

***** 1903 50th wedding anniversary of S.D. VV and Mary Jane Henderson

1903 25th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gray

1903 Wm. VV of Whitby visits the Grays

1904 Mr. and Mrs. VV of Kendall, visiting dau Mrs. Frank Gray of Brick School House.

***** 1908 death of Mary Henderson-VV
1910 Family Christmas at "Brick School House"  

1912 Charles VV of Clinton visiting dau Mrs. Frank Gray at Brick School House 

***** 1912 Martha VV-Gray death

***** 1913  Family members attend funeral of father Sylvester D. VV - no obituary?  Also checked the next issue.

1921 Death of Frank Gray 

1922 death of Frank Gray 30 Jan 1922 as per notice of administration of estate.

1923  Hazel VV - Wm Green marriage

***** 1924 death of Lucy VV-Banker

***** 1947 death of john Wesley VV

***** 1952 death of Charles H. VV

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