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6 - "Tenth Generation" - from the Research Collection of Paul E. VV, 3rd

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Owner of originalPaul E. VanValkenburgh III
File name6-Tenth Generation.pdf
File Size8.69m
Linked toDeSellon, Amelia Oliver; Embury, Elizabeth; Johnson-or-Johnston, Helen Maria; Junkin, Phoebe; Morrison, Sarah Eliza; Palmer, Deborah Catherine; Palmer, Emma Jane; Schemerhorn, Matilda; Shea, Alzina; Switzer, Alonzo Derlon; Switzer, Mary Ann; Switzer, Orin; Switzer, Philip Robertson; Switzer, William Henry; Vanness, Amanda Mandy; VanValkenburg, Aggie; VanValkenburg, Alexander Lonsley; VanValkenburg, Alice; VanValkenburg, baby; VanValkenburg, Blanche; VanValkenburg, Carl Leslie; VanValkenburg, Clayton Thomas; VanValkenburg, Delia; VanValkenburg, Edna; VanValkenburg, Edna Mary; VanValkenburg, Elgin Edgerton; VanValkenburg, Eliza; VanValkenburg, Florence; VanValkenburg, Frederick White; VanValkenburg, George Sydney; VanValkenburg, Gladys Cora; VanValkenburg, Harold; VanValkenburg, Harriet; VanValkenburg, Harry William; VanValkenburg, Isabella Sophia; VanValkenburg, John; VanValkenburg, John; VanValkenburg, John Aselstyne; VanValkenburg, John Trompour; VanValkenburg, Jonathan; VanValkenburg, Jonathan; VanValkenburg, Laura; VanValkenburg, Lily; VanValkenburg, Louella; VanValkenburg, Mable J.; VanValkenburg, Mary Jane; VanValkenburg, Matilda May; VanValkenburg, Miles; VanValkenburg, Minerva; VanValkenburg, Nellie ['More Links']

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