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VanValkenburghs in Upper Canada Sundries (1766-1844)

VanValkenburgs in the Upper Canada Sundries

Contributor Andrew Quackenbush had provided, in 2014, a list of 21 VanValkenburghs submitted to the Governor of Upper Canada in the period 1766-1844.  LAC Collection RG-5-A1 represents the inbound correspondence which would have been organized by the Provincial Secretary, on any number of questions arising from individuals and groups.  Outcomes of decisions are not included in these collections.  

As of 2019, the images are available free to search online at Heritage.Canadiana.CA, with names now indexed.  (use wildcards i.e. *nbur* )

Following is Andrew Q's list of 21 VV petitions, based on a search of text.  V/Follick names remain to be added.
* see below for summaries of each

David VV, son of Jacob VV and Chloe Hodges

Upper Canada Sundries - C-4545
RG 5 A1 Library and Archives Canada Vol. 23-25

1815-09-01 Upper Canada Sundries September - October 1815

List of settlers who have located land in the Township of Bastard; gives their rank and regiment. 


Upper Canada Sundries - C-4600
RG 5 A1 Library and Archives Canada Vol. 33-36

York 1817-10-01 UPPER CANADA SUNDRIES 1817

Sub-enclosure: Return of persons in Rideau settlement.


Upper Canada Sundries - C-4604
RG 5 A1 Library and Archives Canada Vol. 44-47

Submitted from Ernest Town, 1 Apr 1820, a petition of "sundry officers and privates of the Battalion Militia under my [Lieut. Col. Matthew Clark, Addington Militia] command" applying for "a grant of land in a body, near their present places of residence, as to enable them to perform the Settlement Duty with the greater facility".  Petitioners suggest vacant land in the "rear of Camden [township] in this County [Addington]".  The land bounty has recently been awarded to those who had served with the First Flank companies of Militia for their services in the late war with the United States of America. 

I think it matches that of David the shoemaker/1812 soldier, considering this was 20 yrs earlier than his later petitions.


Upper Canada Sundries - C-4604
RG 5 A1 Library and Archives Canada Vol. 44-47

Further to above petition for military bounty lands (above), a full list of the Addington Flank Militia under the command of Lieut. Col. Matthew Clark, dated 14 Apr 1820


Upper Canada Sundries - C-6866
RG 5 A1 Library and Archives Canada Vol. 90-92

1828 Murray Twp., Newcastle District - David VV among a group of petitioners recommending a certain person to be a Justice of the Peace.


Upper Canada Sundries - C-6871
RG 5 A1 Library and Archives Canada Vol. 102-104

1830 list of status of land patents issued for military service or to sons- and daughters- of United Empire Loyalists.  Names, locations of patents and acreage, reason for issue, and status.
David VanVolkenburgh, 100 acres in Bastard township, reason: "suspended"

A later petition from David VV mentions he was unable to perform settlement duties due to war injuries.  Perhaps this is the reason for the "suspension".


Upper Canada Sundries  C-6888 
RG 5 A1 Library and Archives Canada Vol. 159-162

1836 David VV of Murray Twp. is petitioning for a military pension in lieu of having lost his land patents due to injuries sustained in the War of 1812.  Detailed military and medical information.  Was filed in Toronto, perhaps because it obtained a witness - James Fitzgibbons, Captain of Glengarry Light Infranty Fencibles, who recommends the employment of such a pension and remarks that "he was a good soldier in every respect.. in quarters and in the field".

Sons of John VV and Hannah Patterson

Upper Canada Sundries - C-4602
RG 5 A1 Library and Archives Canada Vol. 40-42

Petition of certain Inhabitants of Ernesttown in the fall of 1818 in support of Robert Gourlay who had been charged with sedition for arguing that American settlers should not be banned from getting land grants.  It is inferred that the undersigned were some of the earliest supporters of the Reform Movement against the Family Compact (ultimately faced off in the Rebellion of 1837).  

Petition argues that "the People of Upper Canada are advanced in the progress of civilization and above the mobbish habits of European nations... possess[ing] the most valuable knowledge how to redeem their political affairs when sunk in the slough of confusion and pressed down by the weight of installed power." 



Upper Canada Sundries - C-6885
RG 5 A1 Library and Archives Canada Vol. 149-152

1835, area north of Kingston.  Many pages of signatures, without the context of the first page / petition? which is missing.  However there is a page with a hand-drawn map with Kingston at the bottom and a dotted-lined "new road to Portland" running to the north and west.  Date taken from tag at the bottom of the map page "February 1835".

Jane Shaw - McPherson - mystery VV husband

Upper Canada Sundries - C-4609
RG 5 A1 Library and Archives Canada Vol. 56-58

The 1822 petition of a Jane McPherson of Camden Twp., Addington Co. who has recently married a VanValkenburgh after first husband Daniel McPherson died in the War of 1812.  Dated 1822, her son William McPherson "is not yet ten years", and Jane needs to establish herself as the legal guardian of William in order to access a military pension.  The VV husband is not named.

The Rev. McDowall marriage register shows an undated marriage in Fredricksburgh Twp. (among all 1803-dates) of a Daniel McPherson to a Jane Shaw.

The same collection shows an 1818 marriage in Fredricksburgh Twp. of an Eliakim VV to a Jane McPherson.  (McDowall regularly used widow's married names). 

Eliakim Van Valkinburgh - Jane McPherson, 25 May 1818 p. 86

A William McPherson b. about 1814, perhaps a widower, is shown in Camden Twp., Addington Co.'s 1851 census with seven children.  Further research shows that the mother of these children may have been named "Minerva".  A William McPherson who was born in Camden about 1813, died at Osnabruck Twp., Stormont Co. in 1885, with no indication of family of origin.

Eliakim VV is still a mystery person, unconnected to any VV tree.

1851 census for Fredricksburgh Twp., Lennox Co.  A Jane VanVolkenburgh, aged 62, is living with a family headed by Christopher Keller, aged 54.  Some have suggested that Jane and Christopher are married, but I believe that the symbol used shows a W for widow?  and why would Jane not use the Keller name in that case?  Ancestry has her name transcribed as: Jane Bona Chamburgh

Can find no connection to the Keller family, except for one big "stretch" to some coincidences... lets say that Jane is not married into the Keller family, but taken in as a relation or family friend... this may give a clue about Eliakim VV. 

There is another unattached VV woman - Julia VV b. 1821-1824 as per censuses) who married Nathan Lake and moved to the States in the 1850's ... the family lore is that this Julia was "adopted" by a "Keeler" family.  Note also, that Julia was also known by the Follick last name. 

Add to that another single mystery person in Fredricksburgh Twp. in this same 1851 census: a single, 27 year old Alexander Folick (b. abt 1824) (see bottom).  Both Julia and Alexander were of the age to have been children of Eliakim and Jane.

George and "Ellexander" VV of Ernestown

Upper Canada Sundries - C-4613
RG 5 A1 Library and Archives Canada Vol. 66-69

1824 Ernesttown, Addington Co. - George, Ellexander VV and other inhabitants, recommend clemency as part of the petition of a former teacher in their village - George Farrar - who had, due to "age and inexperience", committed a crime for which he was incarcerated at Kingston Penitentiary, and is now facing the death penalty.

fancy signature, not sure its the same GVV as brother of David

A Jo. (John? Joseph?) VV in Ancaster/Beverley or Flamborough Township

Upper Canada Sundries - C-6869
RG 5 A1 Library and Archives Canada Vol. 97-100

1829 Dundas Village, Ancaster Twp.  Petition to open up further tracts of land along the [Government Road] through Ancaster, Beverley and Flamborough Townships, due to crowding in the townships and the fact that some informal settlement had already begun on the twelve-mile wide tract reserved for Six Nations Indians.

A Nicholas VV in York Co., may be son of Nicklass VV and Neeltje Monk.

Upper Canada Sundries - C-6872
RG 5 A1 Library and Archives Canada Vol. 105-107

1831 York Twp., Nicholas VV on a jury designated to assess monetary compensation for annexing a portion of private land for a Concession Road.  The location was the First Concession west of Yonge St. , Lot 9, owned by a George P. Denison / Davidson.

This doesn't necessarily mean that Nicholas VV resided in the same township, when Peel Co. and parts of Halton Co. were administered by Co. of York.  However, the small size of the jury and the specifically-local nature of the matter, would suggest he was local.  It may be worth checking early land patents in the area.

Hiram and Ira VV sons of Cornelius VV and Loisa Davis

Upper Canada Sundries - C-6895
RG 5 A1 Library and Archives Canada  Vol. 180-182

Dec 1837 Hiram VV's "tavern on Dundas Street" in the township of Toronto, Home District (Peel Co.) was the site of the theft of a horse.


Upper Canada Sundries - C-6897
RG 5 A1 Library and Archives Canada  Vol. 185-188

28 Mar 1838  Hiram and Ira VV among a group pleading for a pardon of the High Treason charges against Toronto City tavern keeper John Anderson who was associated with McKenzie's 1837 insurrection in York.


This Anderson, in further statements, was clearly said to be from the City of Toronto, and had been among the crowd at the burning of the Don Bridge, so in proximity.  There was a John Anderson operating the Miller Tavern at Hogg's Hollow, at the time.

An Anderson of Stouffville was owner of a hostelry where rebels set up , much north of the city, and perhaps a different person, and probably the John Anderson later depicted with William Montgomery of Montgomery's Tavern who were known 'Patriots'. 

The fate of this John Anderson is unknown.


Upper Canada Sundries - C-6908
RG 5 A1 Library and Archives Canada Vol. 225-228

Aug 1839 Ira VV petitioning with two adjacent lot owners on the macadamized (paved) road running west from the city of Toronto, upon which their dwellings front.  Applying from "Credit" village, they request the appointment of a competent engineer to assess damages associated with widening of this road, which, they argue, makes their properties not desireable to rent nor purchase. 

John VV of Haldimand or near Dunnville, may be a.k.a. Vollick

Upper Canada Sundries - C-6906
RG 5 A1 Library and Archives Canada Vol. 218-221

1839 John VV among Haldimand Co. "mill owners and others", protest the illegal damming of the Grand River at Dunnville by the competing Welland Canal company, and request that the government install a ship lock and double-track railway at this location.

David VV Horse Thief, Prince Edward County

Upper Canada Sundries - C-6909
RG 5 A1 Library and Archives Canada Vol. 229-231

Return of Convicts discharged from the Provincial Penitentiary in the year ending 1st October 1839

David Vanvolkenburgh
Age: 28
Height: 5' 8"
Complexion: sallow
District: Prince Edward
Crime: Horse stealing
When Sentenced: Oct. 8 1836
Term Yrs: 2
When Discharged: Oct. 8 1838
Remarks: Expiration of Sentence


Upper Canada Sundries - C-6909
RG 5 A1 Library and Archives Canada Vol. 229-231

General account of Disbursements at the Provincial Penitentiary during the year ending 1st October, 1839

D. VanVolkenburg received 10 shillings on Oct 8 1838 as a travelling allowance.

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