A collaborative genealogy of VanValkenburgh branches in Canada
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    Historical Atlases of the North Reach of Loughborough Lake area of Storrington Twp., Frontenac Co. in 1860 and 1878.
    Historical Atlases of the North Reach of Loughborough Lake area of Storrington Twp., Frontenac Co. in 1860 and 1878.

    The first map is from Ontario Archives RG 1-100 Patent Plan maps with an undated but early survey showing original patentees of Crown Lands. David VanVolkenburgh is shown in this location Con. 12 Lot 12 in what was then Pittsburgh Twp., now Storrington Twp. What is now known as VanVolkenburgh Island is circled.

    The 1878 atlas shows property of a "W. VanVolkenburgh" on Con. 12 Lot 12; however no settlers in this location at the 1860 date. The VV family are located in 1860 and 1878 at their farm in the 8th Concession near Milburn village.

    New research indicates that ownership of this 12th Concession area north of Battersea was transferred in 1875, after David VV's death, to his eldest son and heir - Washington VV. The land transfer represented the surviving widow and siblings ceding their inheritance rights to Washington for the nominal sum of one dollar. The document also states that this lot had been an original Crown grant. Any further research into such a grant, might be searched within Storrington AND Pittsburgh Twps. and under VV/Vollick/Follick or Miller surnames.

    Lot 13 adjoined to Lot 12 in later maps, includes the island, circled on the maps, that has retained its modern identity as VanVolkenburgh Island!

    To locate this island, enter 44.4797222, -76.3738888 in Google maps address bar, and zoom in as the name appears. A modern map now shows the island just north of the peninsula. The much larger island, just beyond VV island on the old maps, may be now sunken, with a shadowy form showing in satellite view on Google maps.


    Patent Plan Map: Pittsburgh Twp. (now Storrington Twp.), Frontenac Co.
    See full map digitized online, and a description of the RG 1-100 records.

    Reproduction of an original copy of the Map of United Counties of Frontenac, Lennox and Addington, Canada West, by H.F. Walling, Putnam & Walling Publishers, Kingston, C.W., 1860.

    Illustrated Historical Atlas of the Counties of Frontenac, Lennox and Addington, Ontario, by J.H. Meacham & Co., Toronto, 1878.