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This project provides a free forum to share discoveries and research leads for all 'known' Canadian VanValkenburgh branches and 'strays' (whose pre-Canadian origins are uncertain).  The search for Canadian Vanvalkenburgh ancestors can be challenging due to the scarcity of early records and the many spelling variations of the name.  We present this as a free forum for connecting and sharing information.

By far the richest resource for Vanvalkenburgh-in-America research is the National Association of VanValkenburgh Families.  We are not affiliated with the NAVVF, though we refer often to their official genealogy.

This, the former home page, is now a supplemental page.  Please re-set bookmarks to the project's Home Page.

The links at left are miscellaneous resources that are still in the process of being added to the Family Tree site.

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Two separate sections make up the site - the searchable VV Family Trees, and the Message Boards.  Each requires a different login if you wish to communicate or contribute.  These are free user accounts and the information is not shared outside of this site.  However, no login is required to simply view the site content.  Please do read the Terms of Use  for accessing or viewing any content on this site. 

To contribute photos, records and other media to the Family Trees, request a Contributor Account.  If you would rather have a moderator help with this, please contact Lisa and we can add it for you..  To post or reply to the Message Boards, request a login for the forum.  For any general questions or assistance, just ask!

Who Are We?

A site dedicated to connecting researchers of Canadian VV ancestors was conceived in February 2012 by two VV family researchers who connected on genealogy forums.  

LISA & SCOTT RANCE, Barrie, Ontario

Scott is the VanValkenburgh descendant whose lineage prior to 1850 is an enticing mystery!

Lisa is a web programmer and genealogy hobbiest with a binder bursting full of VV notes (but still few breakthroughs).  

Lisa has designed the site as a tool to sort the various branches and to search all names together.  When Mark offered to help, the project was a go! 

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Mark is a 30+ year IT Professional living in Southeast Michigan. 

His father was born in Michigan, however, Mark's Canadian roots are founded in his Grandfather who was born and lived in Woodstock, Ontario. 

Mark's mother retained her Canadian citizenship throughout her life. Her family, Gatenby, live in and around London, St. Thomas and Toronto, Ontario. 

Terms of Use & Privacy Statement


This project is entirely managed and moderated by volunteers who have personal connections to the VV lineage.  Much personal time (and sometimes funds) is contributed, often for research not related to our own needs.  For this reason, the content on this site (VV Family Trees, VV Message Boards and all supplemental links on the HERITAGEPIN host site) is to be used for personal research only, and not for profit.  For example, it is not permissible to generate a PDF Family Tree Report and to reproduce this document for sale in whole or as part of a commissioned research project.  

It is further not permissible to distribute, sublicense or re-syndicate the content without express consent of the contributor(s).  For example, do not add photos, documents, maps, etc. from this site to a subscription website, or to your own blog.

Uploaded personal content remains the property of each contributor and can be removed by contacting the site administrator.  Therefore, to encourage the sharing of private family information, the non-distribution rule is important.  

Site users acknowledge that the site content is not warranted to be uninterrupted or free of errors. No representations are made as to the accuracy, reliability, completeness, or content of any information, material, postings or responses found on the sites.  Users should maintain personal copies of all contributions and communications.

The collection of personal data is limited to a request for basic contact information when establishing a private user account as a media contributor or forum participant.  User Accounts permit exchange of information through private messaging without revealing private contact information.  It is therefore recommended that users not reveal personal email addresses, mailing addresses or other contact details when posting on the open forums.  A separate agreement is acknowledged at Forum registration.

The site owner, administrator and moderators do not collect personal information for profit, or share identifying information with unrelated third-parties.  Users agree to the same practices, and to not use the site to offer or disseminate goods, services, schemes or promotions.  An exception is made for requests for occasional compensation for nominal costs related to postage or travel.

We recognize the confidentiality of information that may be disclosed by users during the normal use of these websites, and of the importance of safeguarding information as it relates to living individuals.  Contributors agree to ensure that personal information of living individuals is not placed in the public domain. However, because these sites rely on unregulated contributions, no guarantees can be made that private information will not be posted.  Such content can be removed by the administrator upon request.

Users agree to refrain from activities that may be harmful to the Canadian VV Family Tree and Forum sites, and to the HeritagePIN hosting site, or harmful to any end user's or other third party's systems and networks, including any transmissions which may damage, interfere with, surreptitiously intercept, or expropriate any system, program, data or personal information.


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