Name: Van Valkenburgh, Jacob
Place: Mecklenburg
Year: 1790
Volume: 514
Bundle: U-V 3
Petition: 22
Microfilm: C-2947
Reference: RG 1 L 3



Library and Archives Canada microfilm image p. 67


No. 22 Single Lot

Certificate of the Board appointed by His Excellency the Governor for the District of Mecklenburgh in the Province of Quebec, under the Rules and Regulations for the Conduct of the Land Office Department, dated Council-Chamber, Quebec, 17th February, 1789.

The Bearer, Jacob Van Valkenburgh having on the Twentieth day of October preferred to his Board a petition addressed to His Excellency the Governor in Council for a grant of two hundred Acres of land in the Township of ______ in the District of Mecklenburgh. We have examined into his loyalty and character and find him duly qualified to receive a Single Lot of about two hundred Acres, the oath of fidelity and allegiance directed by law having this day been administered to him by the board, in conformity to the fourth article of the Rules and Regulations aforementioned.

Given at the Board at Kingston this Twentieth day of October, one thousand seven hundred and ninety.


To Mr. Alexander Silken, acting Surveyor for the District of Mecklenburgh.

Certificate of the Acting Surveyor

[this part not filled in]


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[continuation of the rules and regulations]


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Certificate No. 22

Jacob VanValkenburg


Rec. for 200 acres if not granted to free.

Recd. 17 Nov 87



Warrant 29 June 1798.