Name: Hodges/Van Volkenburgh, Cloe
Place: Augusta
Year: 1800
Volume: 514
Bundle: U-V 5
Petition: 4
Microfilm: C-2947
Reference: RG 1 L 3

scan.2927-2932 (switched disks in my camera, the missing images were duplicates)



[this page may have been mis-filed as it is number 5 petition whereas Cloe VV is number 4.  This DOES NOT BELONG IN CHLOE HODGE'S PETITION, it is indeed of the following petition for a Valliere, although was misfiled with petition 4]

a farm as the only means of providing for them.

Your petitioner humbly prays your Excellency would be pleased to grant her a farm lot on Yonge Street, or in Markham, which she will be enabled to improve by the assistance of her children - and as in duty bound your petitioner shall ever pray.

M. Valken [or Vallier)

York 4 August 1801

The petitioner's husband, may it please your Excellency, was sixteen years employed as gunsmith in His Majesty's Ordnance Department at Quebec.


Library and Archives Canada microfilm image p. 233


To His Excellency Peter Hunter Esq. Lieutenant Governor of the Province of Upper Canada

In Council

The petition of Cloe Vn.Volkenburgh of Augusta 
Most Humbly Sheweth that she is the Daughter of Timothy Hodges a U.E. Loyalist who has resided in this Province for many years and has never drawn any lands. She therefore conceives herself entitled to two hundred acres of land and prays it may be granted her and your petitioner as in duty bound will ever pray.

Augusta May 24th, 1800
witness present

her mark - Cloe Van Volkenburgh

Cloe Vn. Volkenburgh maketh oath and saith that she is lawfully married to Jacob Vn. Volkenburgh jun. her present husband; and that she never received any lands or order for lands from the Crown.

her mark = Cloe Van Valkenburgh


Library and Archives Canada microfilm image p. 234


I hereby certify that the above named Cloe Vn Volkenburgh is the person she describes herself to be and to the best of my knowledge and belief she has never received any lands or any order for lands from the Crown. 

Given under my hand this 24th day of May 1800.

Wm. [Francis?] J.P.


Library and Archives Canada microfilm image p. 235


Petition of Chloe Van Volkenburgh

Rec'd 1th June 1800

[Ex] a U.E. [initialed]

Jun 18, 1800

Ordered for 200 ac. as Dau of UE.

1 July 1800