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Name: Vanvolkenburgh, David 
Place: Cramahe
Year: 1848
Volume: 518
Bundle: V 4
Petition: 12
Microfilm: C-2949
Reference: RG 1 L 3

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To His Excellency Lord Elgin Governor General of British Isles North America etc etc etc

The petition of David Vanvolkenburgh of the Township of Cramahe in the New Castle District and late Private in the Glengarry Light Infantry Fencibles

Humbly Sheweth - 

That your Petitioner was wounded in the Arm in May 1813 at the taking of Fort George in the late American War with the U. States and again wounded in the Ankle Joint on the 25 July 1814 at the Battle of Londies Lane by a Musket ball lodged in the Ankle Joint and remaining there for 32 Years and 1 month causing your Petitioner much pain and from said last wound has been a Cripple ever since.

Your Petitioner suffering so much Pain was compelled to call upon a Surgeon and have his foot taken off on the 25 August 1846.

Your Petitioner Enlisted in the late Glengary Lt. Infantry on the 1st April 1812 and was regularly? discharged at Adolphustown on the 1st April 1815 and served part of his time under Captain James Fitzgibbon of the late Gleny. Lt. Infantry Fencibles.


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Your Petitioner having received no Pension altho often Petitioned for and as yet without success.

Humbly prays your Excellency will allow a Patent Deed to issue for Lot No. 20 in the 7 Con. Haldimand in the name of your Petitioner free from fees. As the eldest Son and heir of Jacob Vanvolkenburgh deceased, and for which your Petitioner ??? the Heir and Devisee Commission in the Year 1843 or 1844.

Your Petitioner having a Family to support, humbly prays your Excellency will take his case into your favourable consideration.

And as in duty bound will every pray

[signed] David Van Volkenburgh

Brighton 10 March 1848


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23 March 1848


I have? to hand now the petition of David Vanvolkenburgh praying that the patent may be ?? to him for f?? land claiming by him under the Heir & Devisee Commission.



Library and Archives Canada microfilm image p. 713


Hon. R. B. Sullivan


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I do certify that I have known the Petitioner David Vanvolkenburgh for 30 years past he has been in great? suffering? during the above time from a wound received at Lundies Lane from which came his leg was amputated on the 25th August 1846 he is a ?? & industrious man & his moral character unexptionable?

[signed] Parker Grob, Surgeon
1st March 1848


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Petition David Vanvolkenburgh


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Kingston 30 Octr. 1843

Dear Sir,

Some days ago I rec.d yr. letter on behalf of David Van Vollkenburg. It was un??? put aside with other papers and I lost sight and recollection of it until this morning.

My answer to it must be brief. For I can only say that I have already taken every step in my power on behalf of poor Vanvalkenburg, but entirely without success. The door? has ery? been shut against all further claims for Pension for service or wounds of such remote date. In Lord Aylmer?'s time an order was received by His Lordship not to send him any more applications for Pensions.

I would gladly help Van Volkenburgh if in my power, for he was a well behaved man and a good soldier.

Truly dear Sir, Yours,

James Fitzgibbon

A. Deacon Esqr.


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Jas. Fitzgibbon Esq.
30 Sep. 1843


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The Petitioner prays that a Patent may issue? to him for Lot number Twenty in the Seventh Concession of the Township of Haldimand, a he preferred a claim thereto before the Heir & Devisee Commission as Eldest Son of Jacob Vanvolkenburgh. The name of Jacob Vanvolkenburgh was entered on the Office ?? apparently in the Land ??? of Surveyor ??? D.W. Smith and probably about the year 1810 for Lot number 20 in the 7th Concession of Haldimand but there is no Order in Council sited? to cover this Location thereof.

Now ??? under ?? 7th? claim of the Report of the Heir & Devisee Commission for the year 1843 the case of the Petitioner was acted upon and an ??? adopted in his favour as eldest son and heir at law of Jacob Vanvolkenburgh but "support to adjudication will? Present? in Council on the original Grant?"

In his further report of September 1840 represented? the lot as unoccupied & unimproved and it is not stated by the Petitioner that any improvement has been since made therein; accordingly has not proposed to ??? that an Order be now adopted confirming the Location.

From the Surgeon attestation made and the letter from Lt. Fitzgibbon it appears that the Petitioner was severely wounded during the late war in the Defense of the Province and he is described as a meritous individual and having also ??? the ?? of a claim before Heir & Devisee Commission it is recommended that he be allowed to acquire a Grant of the land upon the most favourable terms which under the ??? on this suggested namely as a purchase at the minimum valuation of four shillings per Acre.

Crown Lands Department
Montreal, 3rd May 1848



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V 4 No. 12

David Vanvolkenburg

Rec'd by A. M. M?

23 March, 4 March / 48

For the issue of a Patent in his favor for Lot No. 20 - 7 Con. of Haldimand

?? Office

25 March 1848

Transferred to the Hon. Commissioners of ??

By Command


In Committee 27 May 1848

There being no Order in Council to cover the Location but merely an Entry on the Place apparently in the hand writing of W. Surveyor General David William Smith, the Committee cannot recommend the recognition of a Location, but on account of the meritorious services of the Petitioner, being severely wounded during the late war, he be allowed too purchase at the minimum valuation of four shillings per acre.

Approved in Council same day.

Con.d. to the D.D.L. Bo A. May 1848