Name: Wattenburck / VanVoltenbuck, Jacob 
Place: Bathurst
Year: 1833
Volume: 533
Bundle: W 18
Petition: 53
Microfilm: C-2957
Reference: RG 1 L3


Library and Archives Canada microfilm image p. 988

To His Excellency Sir John Golburn Lieutenant Governor and Major General of His B. Majesty's trops [sic] in Upper Canada, etc. etc. etc.

The Petition of Jacob Wattenburch

mos humble sheweth

That he inlisted into the Glangary Fencibles in 1812, and served in the same Regiment till 1815 when he was discharged; when he was inlisted the Promiss for two hundred acres of Land which he should receive when discharged was made to him. and that he has not received more than one hundred acres in the Township of Bathurst.

Your Excelency Petitioner most humble begs your Excelency would be pleased to grant him a hundred acres of Land on account of the Promiss which was made to him when in Listed, for which he will ever pray.

Township of Mare
15th of June 1833

Jacob Wattenburck [not signed]


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Perth 6th May 1833

I hereby certify that Jacob Wallenburck was inlisted in the Glengarry Fencibles in 1812 and each recruit inlisted at that time for the Regiment was promised two hundred acres of land by order of the Commander in Chief, and I believe he has not yet received more than one hundred acres - and to my own knowledge Wattenburck has been a well conducted man as a soldier and settler since the above period.

Alxr. McMillan Capt.
late Glengy. Fencibles


Library and Archives Canada microfilm image p. 991

Perth 8th May 1833

My Dear Sir

The bearer Jacob Dewitenburgh you know was a well behaved soldier, and has been here ever since 1816, to my knowledge during all that time has conducted himself like a good and industrious settler he wishes to settle in the Upper part of the Province you will do what you can for him and oblige an old true and sincere friend.

Your obt ser.t

Anthony Leslie

Colonel FitzGibbon


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Colonel FitzGibbon



Library and Archives Canada microfilm image p. 993

Perth, 8 May 1833

The Honble Peter Robinson


I certify that the bearer Jacob DeWatenburgh was a Soldier in the late Glengarry Regiment and while in that Corps he was a good soldier both in the fied [sic] and in quarters he was one of those that enlisted under a promise which was authorized by the then Governor in Chief the late Sir George Provost that he should receive on being discharged two hundred acres of Land. I also certify that he only received here one hundred and that he has been settled here ever since the...


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Jacob Wattenburk

Govt House?

6th Augt 1833

Referred to the Surveyor General to report hereon for the information of the Honble. the Executive Council


I do not find that the Petitioner has been described for any Lands. The Locations made under the Quarter Master Generals Department are not returned in General until the Locatee is entitled this Patent.

for the Supt.

12 Aug. 1833

On further Search I find the Petitioner described for the East half of Lot W 20 in the 5 Concession of Bathurst but the description issued in the name of VanVoltenbuck.

for the Supt?

9 Jany 1834

In Council

5th Sep 1833

It would be an ?? to have the apparent contradiction be shown? the Surveyor General and Petitioner explained and ?? know when ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? on the 100 acres said to have been drawn by him.

[signed] P. Robinson