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Transcription of Letter #3 by John VV of Cordova Mines, Ontario, written in 1935.

Transcription of original hand-written letter.

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A transcription of correspondence between sender: John VanVolkenburg of Cordova Mines, Ontario Canada and a Paul E. VanValkenburgh from 1935.  See original hand-written text.  This is # 3 of a total of four outgoing messages, submitted and transcribed by a grandson of John VV. 


Letter 3:



                                                               Cordova Mines Jan 29 th


Mr Paul E VanValkinburgh Dear Sir as you requested

I am sending you what information I have gathered of my People

My Aunt who is in her 93 year told me that her great grandfather

Came from hoolland to the State of New York. Her grandfather

Jacob came with hin a boy 12 years old. They only stayed

there a short time. They came to Ontario and settled on

a farm near Brockville. I do not know who Jacobs wife

was. my remembers seeing one daughter and 4 sons

there may have been more there names were Margaret. Rias

David. timothy  Filander. born on a farm my grandfather

Flander Married Martha Richmond of Brighton township.

they had a family of eight children five girls and

three boys there names were Margaret. Rias. Nathan.

Mickle. Jane. Dorothy. Almeda. Mariah. they are all ded but

Almeda. my father Nathan VanVolkenburg was born March 23

1833. he Married Lucinda Cole. They had seven children

4 girls and 3 boys. There names are Margaret. Who is ded

Lucy. John. James ded Lidia Martha. Simon. I married

Sarah Reid. And have 8 children living can give names

and date of birth if required . Mickle VanVolkenburg married

Eliza Scriver and lived on a farm in Seymour township

he was born Nov 24 1836 he had three sons and 4 daughters

he lived the greatest part of his life on a farm in Seymour

township near trent river Po. my Aunt Mrs Almeda

Quackenbush has two sons living in the township

of Belmont. She is living with one of them She

was born on June the sixth. 1842. I could not get

the date of birth of the other members of the family for

they died when I was young. my grandfathers people were

all quakers.  David fought in the war of 1812

on the Canadian Side. He married after the war but

had no children. Timothy went to a place called Cold

water in the States. Rias was seperated from the others

And they did not know what became of him. I cannot

get the dates of the birth of the family there home was

destroid by fire and all they had was lost. I could give

you the names of my uncles and aunts children if

you wish to get them. Please excuse my poor scholarship

as I got very little education. if at any time you come to Ontario

I would be glad to meet you. I see you spell your name with

an h my father spelt his that way to but I dropped the h to shorten

it                  Sincerely yours John VanVolkenburg Cordova Mines



Owner of originalWayne VanValkenburg
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